Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get the cremation remains back?
It can take up to a week (7-business days) to get the cremation remains back to you.
Why does it take up to a week to get my cremation remains back?
The reason it may take up to a week to get your cremations remains back depends on the urn that you may choose. We do carry most urns in stock; however, if you want a name plate or one of our urns that has a figurine on top of the wood box or a life size we may have to order it.
How do I know the cremation remains are my pet?
We want to earn your trust and we want you to know it is your pet. We have taken many steps to ensure that it is in fact your pet that you are getting back. Our staff has been trained and we have incorporated a very intensive tracking system. We will gladly explain it to you in our office to help you understand. Also you are welcome to come tour our facility with an appointment. If you would like we also offer private viewings so there is no question in your mind.
What are Private viewings?
Private Viewings are done by appointment only. This is only offered with private cremation of your pet. Owner, friends and family are permitted in viewing area during the cremation. No cameras, phones or other electronics are allowed in the viewing area during cremation. Yes, there is a small fee, please call for current price.
Do we offer In-Home Pick-Up?
Yes, we pick-up your pet in home with-in 24 hours of receiving your call for service. Pick-ups are done during the hours 8:00am - 4:00pm EST Monday thru Friday, exception of some Holidays. We do not do pick-ups after dark for the safety of our employees. Yes, there is a small fee, please call for current pricing.
What are our normal hours of operation?
The office staff is available from 8:00am to 4:00pm EST Monday thru Friday. You may call the office number after hours or on weekends and leave a message. Your call will be returned in a timely manner.
I have decided to cremate my pet, what is the next step?
Please call or contact us and one of our representatives will help you through the cremation process.
Can I tour the Facility?
Yes, please stop by for a closer look of the facility. Please call and arrange for a guided tour.
Are pre-planning and pre-payment plans available?
Absolutely - we as pet owners must live with the reality that at some point we will experience the death of our pet. Accepting that reality and pre-planning for it gives us a great deal of control over how we'll handle the situation when it arises. If we wait until that time it is very likely that the burden that grief places upon us will render us incapable of thinking practically about our loved ones passing and how we could best preserve and honor our pet's memory thereafter.
What do we do with the cremated remains after the cremation process?
The standard method includes the remains being returned in a temporary container. Although you can choose your own urn (wood, metal, marble and ceramics)
Is home burial legal?
We recommend that you check with the local Health Department for any regulations. If you choose this alternative, caskets and markers can be purchased.
Do we just cremate cats and dogs?
That is where the majority of our work comes from. However, we offer our services to reptiles, birds, and other house hold pets. Sorry, currently at this time we are not excepting horses, or other large breed animals. You are always welcome to contact us and ask about your pet.
Are pet caskets the same as human caskets?
No, pet caskets are not the same based on two distinct differences from people caskets. Though they may look alike, they are made to different dimensions and of different materials. Pet caskets are made wider to allow for the pet's legs and the material is made of a high impact resistant plastic.
Where is my pet being transported to and where is my pet being cremated at?
The Cremation is done on site. Our crematory is at the same location as our office.
What is the difference between a Private Cremation and Communal Cremation?
Private Cremation - With this selection, your pet is placed in the cremation chamber alone. Upon completion of the cremation, your pet's remains are removed from the chamber, processed and are then transferring to the pet urn of your choice.

Communal Cremation - With this alternative your pet is cremated along with other pets, and the remains are not able to be separated. No urn is returned to the Pet Owner.